Surfs Up

When Stray was still a baby, the team decided to take a trip out to Piha to test out the ponch prototype. Turned into quite the bonding sesh with a good amount of footage begotten. We decided to turn that sh*t into fertilizer and make a music video!

Music by Panama Wedding – “All of the People”. Check em out! They’re pretty darn good.


Studio Clear Out

So with exhibition coming up we had to get everything (well most things) out of the studio. The boys were a bit sad.


Actually Beau was amused. But what’s new?

Board Bag Embellishments

You may say it’s not necessary. That it’s just a board bag for goodness sakes! It only needs functionality.

But we yell a big NOOOO in response and then add a really classy leather patch to it. Functionality and style baby.


The front of the board bag. Check it.


And Then There Were Wallets

So we’re getting close to presenting all of our products for uni, which still need a lot of finishing, and of course the boys decide to go out on a limb and make some wallets.


But thank goodness they did cause they look pretty darn good. Gotta love that leather.


Next gift for father’s day? Perhaps.

All Leathered Out

Woot woot! Finished iPad case and we like to think it looks pretty rugged yet classy. Adding another layer to your interaction with technology. In fact, we haven’t tested it yet, but you MIGHT be able to use it as a pillow as well.


Teepees and leather and stitching and laser cut logos… what more can you ask for? Okay, maybe some feathers.


Beau seems to like it at least (:

Teepee in the Sun

Stray had a nice little break from the studio today in order to film a Pledge Me video.


Brought the teepee and a poncho to Albert Park for a little soak in the sun and a yarn about how Stray was formed.


The boys got a bit tired before hand and decided to have a nap while I labored on.


Finally I got em up and talking about our roots.

Danger Danger!

The Stray team takes safety hazards on by storm in order to make a really mean laser cut iPad case. Not gonna lie, there were moments when we were sure we were in for it. Especially when I accidentally hit the emergency stop button…

The song was only fitting: Danger Danger! High Voltage! by Electric Six.